Since we publicly launched Vutaride Kenya on 23/06/2018 , we've reached an all-time 

high in customer base (subscribers) and driver/riders base. we've helped our customers 

move and deliver with ease and affordability.during this time, VUTARIDE Kenya has 

expanded from 16 0ffice personnel to over 136 employees across the country.

Vutaride Investment partnerships

To help us realize our objective of providing simple, convenient and

affordable services to our esteem customers. VUTARIDE signed investment

partnership with an international investor (QUICKSOURCE CORP) 

who has raised an additional $7.5m to the company.

This partnership will see vutaride Kenya competitive in infrastructure,

safety and customer base. QUICKSOURCE is the leading investor for

innovation and technology.

This deal signed on Tuesday 20th August 2019 will see VVutaRide Kenya

compete at a level with other service providers in the market.

vutaride Kenya will use the capital to : 

  • Build advanced features in our app

  • Purchase more than 6500 motorbikes for its Sacco partnership that was unveiled recently countrywide.

  • expand its functions

Vutaride introduces customer rides

country wide.

 Vutaride Kenya launches a delivery service for all deliveries at a click

of a button. customers will be able to enjoy this service at an affordable

rates with a lot of comfort. For this, it is intending to purchase and

provide riders across the country with an estimated 6500 motor bikes >

for deliveries of goods and customer rides across the country.

VutaRide partnership with counties

and bodaboda saccos

This initiative is inteded at giving optimum service to our customers 

who would need rides or deliveries of items. In part, this partnership

is aimed at promoting the youth who are in bodaboda business in 

creating more income and job opportunities.

bodaboda partnerships

benefits of this partnership will see the saccos get free

branded  reflectors and helmets.

The motorbikes will be given at affordable loans, for terms

and condition please email us on: